Common Blue

Polyommatus icarus male butterfly feeding on heather.

Gold Spot

Plusia festucae moth resting on grass. Powys, Wales.

Yellow-barred Brindle

Acasis viretata moth resting on a lichen covered wall. Green when freshly emerged, the colour of the wings quickly fades to yellow, making sense of the common name.

Common Blue

Polyommatus icarus female. Flatford Mill, Suffolk. I would usually associate females with this much blue on the upperwing with more upland or northern locations where they can be almost as blue as the males (but with obvious orange lunules on the upperwings).


Hipparchia semele on mine waste of crushed quartz. Bog Mine Shropshire.

Red Admiral

Vanessa atalanta basking on Pieris japonica in a garden. Powys, Wales.

Silver-studded Blue

Plebejus argus At Iping Common, Sussex. Sadly with a lack of appropriate management these, and other heathland specialists are very scarce on the common.