Richard Becker

Wildlife & Conservation Photography

Nature Notes

While the evenings are still dark and cold I have been looking back through some ant specimens I took last year. Looking at a supposedly male Myrmica sabuleti I found under a stone a Roundton Hill I was surprised to see it had some characteristics of a female, as well

Nature Notes

A few days ago we went to the RSPB reserve of Ynys Hir, not many miles as the Raven flies, but a trip over the Cambrian Mountains to a different habitat, and to what can be a quite different climate. This time the visit was a bit disappointing, though we

Nature Notes

Mid-winter with few signs of any seasonal change, apart from the catkins on a few hazel trees opening. These mainly seem to be from plantings, with genetics unsuited to the local climate, the native hazels, with a few exceptions, wait a few weeks until the days are definitely lengthening. The


Deer-fly (Chrysops sp.) Cors Fochno, Ceredigion. 23rd August 2016. Canon EOS 7D, 100mm macro lens & twin-light macro flash. 1/250th second, f/11, ISO 200.


Orange-tip butterfly Anthocharis cardamines female roosting. Canon EOS 7D,  100mm macro lens. 1/40th second, f/11, ISO 400. Canon macro flash.