Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small collection of information about a user’s visit to a site. They’re often used to remember choices you’ve made on the site such as notices you have hidden, items added to a basket and so on.

What cookies does this site use?

This site uses the highly reputable Google Analytics to gather non-personal, non-identifiable information about visitors to the site.

On top of this, the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest buttons on each page will set their own cookies. These will gather information as described in their respective terms and conditions. This website cannot access that information, nor do we store it, all information shared is gathered solely by the stated companies.

Finally, if you have clicked “ok” on our cookie warning message, we will have set a cookie to remember that you have accepted the message so that it does not bother you again until you clear your cookies or the cookie expires. This cookie does not gather or transmit any information beyond your acceptance of the message.

What information do you gather?

Through Google Analytics, this site gathers non-personal information such as your current Operating System, Web Browser, screen size, how you found the site (through a link from somewhere else, a search engine query, etc.), how many pages were viewed per visit and how many unique visitors the site has had. A full description of gathered information can be found at the Google Analytics Help Page.

What do you do with gathered information?

The information gathered through Google Analytics will help improve the site for the audience it is attracting, ensuring that the design and layout can be optimised for the core demographic to allow for the best user experience.

How can I prevent these cookies?

If you are still uncomfortable having information gathered, there are a number of options. You can turn off and delete specific cookies, or delete and turn off all cookies, using your browser’s settings tab. For more information, visit your browser’s respective help page below:

Internet Explorer

Block or Allow cookies in Internet Explorer


Enable and Disable cookies in Firefox

Google Chrome

Google Chrome FAQ


Security and Privacy in Opera

If you have any questions about cookies on this site that have not been answered, or answered clearly enough, on this page, feel free to contact me.