After a dismal March with little sunshine, but plenty of rain and cool, ideal for mosses perhaps, Easter brought a sudden change.

Tortula muralis

In 2 days temperatures went from 5°C to 17°C bringing  bumblebees and butterflies out of hibernation. Small tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies appeared to feed in the garden and queens of 6 species of bumblebee. Bombus terrestris, B.lucorum, B. hortorum, B. pratorum, B.hypnorum,  and B. lapidarius are all common species here along with B. pascuorum which usually appears later.

Bombus terrestris

The various forms of Pieris we grow in the garden are popular with insects, providing a nectar source early in the year, this is a Bombus terrestris queen, but all the other species feed on it along with butterflies and a large range of Diptera.

Cherry-plum on the 2nd April in drizzle with just a few flowers open, below on the 5th in warm sunshine, we just hope it lasts.