I use almost exclusively Canon cameras and lenses. Some of the older images on this site will have been taken on slide film using either an EOS 3 or 5 camera body and either Fujichrome Velvia or Provia film. Since 2007 I have only used digital camera bodies, the majority on this site have been taken with a EOS 5D, and more recently a 7D.

All my current lenses are made by Canon, I use their 20mm, 24mm TSE, 35mm, 70-200mm, and 65mm MPE and 100mm macro lenses. I own several of their flash-guns including the Twin-lite Macro flash which is indespensible when using the 65mm MPE lens, and for photographing insects with the 100mm macro, especially when the lens is combined with a 25mm extension tube. I own and use extensively several stout tripods as well as a light-weight beanbag.

I try to keep the equipment I carry to a minimum, as a rule my kit for general photography is a camera body with 100mm macro lens attached and in a small camera bag a 25mm extension tube and either the 20mm or 35mm lens. I will take the macro-flash and beanbag or tripod depending on the site and conditions.

Sometimes when not wishing to carry a large SLR camera and lens I use a Panasonic Lumix LX3 which produces excellent results, comparable in certain circumstances to a SLR camera.