Leaf Litter - Nature Notes

In Winter it can be difficult to find living subject matter for macro-photography, insects are either in hibernation or passing the Winter as eggs. But earlier this week I spent some time with the County Coleoptera Recorder sorting through leaf litter and a muck heap for small insects. I was surprised by how many were active in a old rotting hay bale just a few days after the last of the snow had melted. As you would expect those at the bottom of the food chain, springtails and mites especially, were the most numerous, but many species of beetle were present.

Rove Beetle

Most like this Rove Beetle are predatory, feeding on the springtails and other small insects.

While we both collected beetles for identification or photography, I also brought back some other animals for photo subjects, such as this Psuedo-scorpion from out of the leaf litter.