Moorland Moths

Yesterday we walked from the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Glasyn reserve across the moors to the even more isolated lake at Bugeilyn, hoping to record bumblebees, especially the moorland specialist Bombus monticola. We did eventually find some in sheltered spots, struggling to feed in the strong wind. Much easier to find were some of the specialist moorland moths. When the weather warmed at bit male Oak Eggar moths started buzzing across the heather in search of females. This very tatty male was the only one I photographed.

Oak Eggar Moth

I had not really gone with the expectation of any photographs such was the wind and dull light, so this was a bonus.

Caterpillars of the Fox Moth were all over the trackways, as was a single Emperor Moth caterpillar, and a Beautiful Yellow Underwing caterpillar feeding an the heather. This last species is quite easy to find as a caterpillar but I have never seen it as a moth.

Beautiful Yellow Underwing Caterpillar

A feature of the early part of the walk was the lack of birds, they were probably somewhere out of the wind. However in just a few minutes near Bugeilyn we saw a Hobby chasing Swallows, a Merlin after a Meadow Pipit, and an Osprey passing through. Occasionally we are in the right place at the right time.