Richard Becker

Wildlife & Conservation Photography

A Cache of Corpses

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out the bird nest boxes on the farm in preparation for the coming nesting season. Overall the occupancy last year was higher than for several of the preceding years with most of the boxes containing an old nest to be removed.One large

Spring Migrants

For 20 years now we have been recording the first arrival of migrant birds to our farm in Wales. The table below lists the dates for some of the species, those we have recorded every year.I have also included the date of the first oak leaf bursting for each

Nest Box Battle

This morning I tuned into the garden nest box camera to see how the blue tit (Parus caeruleus) was getting on. Yesterday (10th May) she had started to incubate her clutch of 7 or 8 eggs.I was surprised to see not a bird sat patiently on a mossy nest,

Slave raids on the Welsh Border

The Slave-making ant Formica sanguinea has a strange distribution in Britain. Common in parts of southern England and central Scotland the only other locations are a few sites scattered in the counties along the Welsh/English border.Formica sanguinea worker (feeding on dried mango). Nash Wood.Looking for a different


Aphantopus hyperantus paused briefly amongst grasses in a hay meadow.