Privacy Policy

We store very little information about our users on this site. When you send an email or subscribe to email updates, your email is stored locally on our machine. The only time your contact details are stored on this website’s server is when you comment on a post.

We hate spam as much as you (and receive our fair share of it!) and, as such, we do not send you repeated emails and we do **not **sell your contact information onto third-party advertisers.

If you have sent an email through the Contact page, you will receive a response but will not be added to a mailing list for other services from this site unless you explicitly request to do so.

If you have left a comment on one of the posts on this site, your email will **not **be made visible on the website, and you will not be added to a mailing list.

If you have requested to be contacted regarding course updates, then you will only be contacted regarding courses, and will not be emailed for other reasons.

When you make a purchase, no details will be stored on the website. We use PayPal to ensure payments can be made in a safe and trustworthy environment. Your delivery details will not be used for further communication, nor will they be sold to third-parties.

If you are still unsure, or believe something’s missing, please get in contact so it can be resolved as soon as possible!