Spring Flowers - Nature Notes

This year I am planning a trip to photograph the spring flowers in southern France. The last time I visited this early in the year a major drought had left most areas parched with few plants of any sort in flower.  I am hoping for better this year. If the weather is more normal there should be many species flowering, especially orchids.

These are a group of Orchis species – Military Orchid, Lady Orchid, and a hybrid on the right.

The hybrid is probably a cross between a Lady orchid and a Monkey orchid (below), known as Orchis X angusticruris.

Monkey Orchid

Lizard orchids are very rare in Britain, but further south they are quite common, sometimes even abundant.

Lizard Orchid

But there are many more species to find than just orchids, this is a Tassel Hyacinth. Flowering early they often grow in areas baked by the sun in Summer.

Tassel Hyacinth

Another species rare in Britain is Meadow Clary, again it is common further south and often flowers abundantly in some of the more traditional hay meadows.

Meadow Clary in a Hay Meadow