Slave raids on the Welsh Border

The Slave-making ant Formica sanguinea has a strange distribution in Britain. Common in parts of southern England and central Scotland the only other locations are a few sites scattered in the counties along the Welsh/English border.Formica sanguinea worker (feeding on dried mango). Nash Wood.Looking for a different

Ant Nest

Part of my observation nest of Myrmica rubra in a commmercial acrylic nest chamber. This photo shows the queen and all life stages: eggs, newly hatched larvae, older larvae, pupae, newly eclosed workers, and older workers. Unusual because normally different life stages are distributed around different parts of the nest.


Workers tending larvae in a nest. This photo was taken in France so although I can identify them as one of the Tetramorium caespitum group identifying the actual species is beyond me.

Myrmica sulcinodis

A scarce species of dry heaths. This worker was at the Bog Mine in Shropshire, a site that seems to have a diverse ant fauna.