Violet Carpenter Bee

Xylocopa violacea a sleepy adult female on Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis) flowers, on a cold morning. Causse de Gramat, France.

Chelostoma florisomne

Sometimes called the Sleepy Carpenter bee. Arriving at her nest with a load of buttercup pollen.

Front Door Osmia

Osmia bicornis female in flight arriving at her nest behind the lock plate of our front door. Carrying a ball of mud to build a nest cell. Zoltán László, a Romanian biologist and blogger is trying to raise awareness of the role of wild bees in pollination. An article he


Female of an Anthophora sp. bee feeding on Meadow Clary (Salvia pratensis). Bouches-du-Rhône, France.

Spider with a Nomada

I found this camouflaged crab spider feeding on a male Nomada melathoracica bee near Rocamadour, Lot, France.