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Spring Bees - Nature Notes

We have two polytunnels which we use for growing tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables, bumblebees and solitaries enter and leave through the doors and pollinate the flowers, sometimes they nest inside the tunnels. However at times the tunnels act like giant Malaise traps and insects find it difficult to

LED Moth Trap part 2.

A simple and inexpensive LED light trap for moth recording continued (from Part 1). Since posting details of my initial experiments with LED moth traps I have been able to use the traps on many nights and also to compare the catches with those of a 12v 8w Actinic 'Heath'

Bee Hotel - Nature Notes

Three years after I first wrote about the 'bee hotel' I thought it was time to produce an update. The 'bee hotel' is a construction, actually several, that I have built in order to attract and provide nesting sites for a variety of bees (and also wasps) that nest in

Yongnuo YN24EX

For the last 10 years I have been using a Canon MT 24 EX Twin-lite macro flash, taking 1000s of images with various macro lenses at magnifications up to 7X as well as using it as a fill flash, and mixing flash and long exposures. Earlier this year after 10