Nature Notes

LED Moth Trap part 2.

A simple and inexpensive LED light trap for moth recording continued (from Part 1). (January 2019 - updated test results added below) Since posting details of my initial experiments with LED moth traps I have been able to use the traps on many nights and also to compare the catches

Bee Hotel - Nature Notes

Three years after I first wrote about the 'bee hotel' I thought it was time to produce an update. The 'bee hotel' is a construction, actually several, that I have built in order to attract and provide nesting sites for a variety of bees (and also wasps) that nest in

Yongnuo YN24EX

For the last 10 years I have been using a Canon MT 24 EX Twin-lite macro flash, taking 1000s of images with various macro lenses at magnifications up to 7X as well as using it as a fill flash, and mixing flash and long exposures. Earlier this year after 10

LED Moth Trap

Building a simple and inexpensive LED light trap for moth recording using 12v ultra-violet LED tape. (for an update on this see Part 2) A few years ago I looked into building a light trap using LEDs which were just starting to become available with outputs in the ultra-violet (UV)