Saxon Wasp

Dolichovespula saxonica worker wasp feeding on honey on a white background stage. This year was the first time we have had this species of social wasp nesting here. Over the years we have now recorded all the British species with the exception of the Cuckoo Wasp ( Vespula austriaca). Apart from


Two paper wasps on their nest. Interestingly one of them had deformed wings and was unable to fly, but could presumably still function as a nest guardian and feed larvae. The nest was on the underside of a metal sheet, so the photo should really be viewed the other way

Carnivorous Mellinus - Nature Notes

Recently I was attempting to photograph Aculeates around an area of flowering Heather (Calluna vulgaris).It was sunny and warm and several female Mellinus arvensis wasps were around the heather, apparently hunting the many flies feeding on the flowers. These are a species that provision the nest cells with various

Wasp Workers

Worker wasps of Vespula rufa (left) and Dolichovespula sylvestris feeding on honey. 6th August 2015 Canon EOS 7D 100mm macro lens and twin-light flash. 1/250th second, f/14, ISO 125.

Norwegian Wasp

Dolichovespula norwegica Worker wasp gathering wood pulp for nest building. From our garden gate.