Potter Wasp

Eumenes pomiformis I found this male wasp roosting after sunset in an almond orchard in Provence.

Cerceris in Flight

Coming back to her nest hole in the ground carying a weevil. 21st June 2012. Ariege Pyrenees, France. Canon EOS 5D 100mm macro lens, twin-light macro flash. 1/200th second,  f22, ISO 100.

Mason Wasp

Ancistrocerus parietinus Female feeding on a Yarrow flower.

Norwegian Wasp

Dolichovespula norwegica Feeding on a gooseberry flower. Wasps are important pollinator of soft-fruit crops, most of which are ignored by Honey Bees. We can manage very well without Honey bees, but not without wasps and wild bees.